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For those of you who don’t know, I also write a parenting blog, called Life as MOM. Over the years I’ve also written several ebooks to help moms and other care givers navigate the choppy waters of home management and child care.

This week, we’re having a sale on the ebooks available in the Life as MOM store.

bookstore sale

I know that you have a lot going on this weekend: family dinners, a little baking, a round or two of cards, and maybe a little Thanksgiving weekend shopping.

If you’re up for a little reading, then I want to offer you a coupon code good for any of the big books available in the estore. 

Remember that these are digital documents, so you won’t be receiving any snail mail from me. Instead, you’ll receive an email with a download link so that you can load the ebook onto an ereader or computer hard drive.

(Please be sure to save it locally before shutting the download windows!)

The coupon code THANKYOU is good for $3 off any purchase of $8 or more.

Be sure to use the coupon code when you check out or else you will not receive the discount.

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  1. Jessica, I bought “50 Books to Share with Your Kids” a couple of years ago, before I ever discovered you or your blogs. (It was recommended on a homeschool blog, I think, or perhaps on Simple Mom?).

    I’m so delighted to discover that you and your mom wrote “50 Books”!

    It’s a wonderful resource and really has helped me and my husband in choosing books for kids. It’s also been great for giving gift suggestions to family members when they ask, “what should I buy?” for daughter’s birthday, St. Nicolas feast day, etc. I just pick a couple of books from the list.

    I love your recipes also and have used several of them.

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