Last-Minute Pizza Sauce

Homemade pizza sauce comes together in a pinch with ingredients you can easily keep on hand all the time.

large pizza

Years ago I was under the misunderstanding that you had to have pizza sauce to make pizza. In fact, so dire was my confusion that if I didn’t have a jar of pizza sauce on hand for Pizza Night, I would make a special trip to the store. Gasp!

Thankfully, I’ve learned the error of my ways. Never make a special trip when you’ve got something else that will do already in your cupboards.

Any tomato or pesto sauce works great on pizza. I’ve even used BBQ sauce and Pad Thai sauce. Use your imagination. Almost anything can work on a pizza crust.

My kids are pizza purists, however. A few of them will experiment with their pizza flavors, but their favorite is simple red sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and olive.

I try to plan ahead for the predictable by filling the freezer with pizza fixings. I stock up on pepperoni when it’s on sale. I buy cheese in bulk and divide it into 1-pound bags. And usually, I have several batches of our favorite red sauce on hand.

last minute pizza sauce

But, if I don’t, well, I make this easy Last-Minute Pizza Sauce. Remember when I told you how versatile Jamie’s Spice Mix was? Well, check this out. Just stir a few tablespoons of it into diluted tomato paste and you’ve got a fantastic (and easy) pizza sauce made with a handful of ingredients that you can easily keep on hand all the time.

This batch makes enough to cover four 12-inch pizzas, depending on how thick you like your sauce spread on the pizza. If you prefer a thinner sauce, feel free to add more water.

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  1. Margery H. says:

    I use one 8-oz. can of tomato sauce and mix in 2 Tablespoons of Italian seasoning blend (bought super-cheap in a huge canister from Costco.) It takes about 30 seconds to make. This is enough for our family of five to eat a huge dinner (including a voracious teenaged son) and have leftovers for about three or four-people lunches.

    I make our pizzas on a mixture of various pans and baking sheets, usually one regular pizza circular pan, three pie pans, and one huge rectangular cookie sheet. I usually have to bake it in two shifts. Maybe I should order a third oven rack for my oven…

  2. I am pinning this! I always decide to make a pizza at the last minute and then never have the right ingredients!

  3. You can buy various flavored tomato sauces in the small cans – my favorite one for pizza sauce is the one with basil and garlic. I pick them up on sale with coupons. – I think its Hunts. Otherwise I use plain tomato sauce and add herbs and garlic.

  4. I love homemade pizza. Your photo looks fabulous and it makes me hungry! I do use my Zo bread machine to make pizza dough. We like sweet pizza sauce (most commonly found on deep dish pizzas) which I also make using tomato paste (plus honey, olive oil, anchovy paste, and spices). Why did I pay for inferior overpriced pizza sauce from the grocery store all those years? I paid $1 for my pepperoni (same name brand found at the grocery store). We have a regional dollar store chain where I find some crazy bargains. Now I have like a 5 year supply of cheap pepperoni in the freezer. Makes pizza night cheap and so much better than anything you can buy.

  5. cindy3539 says:

    Finally, a homemade sauce that is tasty! I used the sauced on a pizza today. Thanks for posting.

  6. Wow! Super easy and delicious! I passed up the jar of pizza sauce at the store because of the extra unnecessary ingredients. And I knew YOU would have a recipe. Thanks for saving Pizza Night from here on out! 🙂

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