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A few weeks ago I told you about Not Your Mama’s Crunchy Granola by Crystal Collins. The book outlines a 7-week program for healthier living.

Sounds scary? Yeah, that’s what I thought. But, I love what Crystal says in the introduction:

You have just made an investment in your health! No, wait! Don’t run away! This isn’t scary at all. I’m not going to tell you to stop shaving, wear hemp clothes, and have a unibrow. This ebook will take you through seven weeks on the subject of Healthy Eating, Green Alternatives, Fitness and also Saving Money. Each week speaks simply about steps you can take to gradually change your life. This is all done in baby steps, so that #1 you are not overwhelmed, and #2 you will be more motivated to try.

The baby steps look like this:

  1. Simplify
  2. Water
  3. Fitness
  4. How to Save Money
  5. Raw Foods
  6. Organic Gardening
  7. Green Your Home

When I look back at my life and the changes I’ve made over the years, I realize that change doesn’t happen in one fell swoop. It happens over time and in cycles. Looking through Crystal’s list of things I could simplify, I realize that there’s a great buffet of choices to choose from. I don’t need to do them all, but I can pick a few things and test them out. Later I might come back to the list and pick a few more.

I like that!

And I like it that Crystal makes the choices clear.

Currently, the book is $5. But, if you order the book this weekend and use the code GCE, you can get the book for $2.99!

Win a copy!

Crystal is also giving away a copy of her book to 1 lucky Good Cheap Eater.

To Enter:

Leave a comment on this post: How do you want to improve your eating habits?

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 8 pm PST. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize. This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winner: alisontaylor@

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book and am an affiliate for The Thrifty Mama.

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  1. I would like to finish getting rid of all the processed foods. We have been good about most things but there are still a couple of things I haven’t found alternatives for yet! Also more whole grains and whole fats. Just not sure how to incorporate it all without shocking the family!!

  2. I want to find new ways to use the produce in my fridge – it’s taking over the place!

  3. I just bought an iPod so I will be willing to take longer walks and I have bought up some ingredients to try some green smoothies. This book looks great!

  4. Jennifer E. says:

    I would like to get rid of processed snacks and canned goods that make meals faster to get on the table.

  5. What a blessing it would be to win this book. This is just something that, even though at such a low cost, I can’t spend the money on.
    This is an area that I am working very hard on. I had bariatric weight loss surgery on March 15th of this year. I really am simplifying what I eat, and the family is working hard to do the same. Water is a big part of my day, and I walking is something that I must incorporate more into my day. We are moving back to the country after being in the city for over 7 years. It is our deep desire to become as self sufficient as possible by means of food and heating the home and so forth.
    Like I said, this book would be a huge blessing.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Bob Taylor says:

    the big weak spot in our food program is learning to use fresh produce- we have the garden space, but except for the berry patch, do not grow much else. we want to start using sprouts as a way to get some fresh greens into our diet during this winter since our vegetable garden didn’t happen this last summer. look slike a great book, and i really like the idea of small steps to get a goal accomplished.

  7. I’m trying to get more vegetables into our diets. It is so easy to resort to carb-based meals that always please, but so hard to be brave and try new veggie dishes! We’re also trying to be more active, taking walks and doing simple exercises. Would love to have this book to help us out!

  8. This sounds great!

  9. I’ve been trying to get healthier. First I focused on consuming less french fries and soda. Now I’m trying to eat more vegetables.

  10. In the past year I have been working at improving our family’s diet, with more whole grains, produce (organic when I can afford it), avoiding GM foods and milk products with rBST, etc. This has to be in baby steps so hubs and kids don’t overreact! I am learning to make more from scratch, breaking our dependence on processed foods — this is where I most want to improve. I would love this book!

  11. Northern Lass says:

    I have MS, and I am having to constantly remind myself to take extra fish as well as fish oil supplements. I live in a warm climate and often think I don’t drink enough water. I am sure that both would put me on the road to healthier living!

  12. I started a vegetable garden this past spring and am still reaping the benefits…can’t wait to expand it for next spring!!

  13. I really want to stop eating sweets when stressed 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway!

  14. After some health issues, we have tried to cut down on salt and carbs and just plain eat healthier. My kids love fresh fruits and veggies. This book would help me simplify. I think that’s where I need the most help right now.

  15. I am trying to decrease processed foods in my family’s diet. This book looks like it has a treasure trove of ideas.

  16. I would like to find more alternatives to things with soy or high fructose corn syrup as ingredients.

  17. I’d like to plan our food budget better so I can buy more fresh fruits and vegetables during the winter.

  18. I’m trying to cut down on my sugar and processed foods. Sometimes it seems so hard to do.

  19. If I could just curb the ice cream addiction I’d be a lot healthier!

  20. VictoriaN says:

    I would love to get rid of all the processed food that finds its way into our house. I think that this book would be a great help in turning our eating habits around.

  21. I need to join CA…chips anonymous. I cook from scratch, grind my own wheat for baked goods and in general eat healthy. But I can’t seem to kick the chips addiction!

  22. Lori heavey Hurley says:

    I would LOVE to win a copy of this book. I struggle and struggle to live more simply with my family of seven. It’s just overwhelming sometimes and I don’t have a guide. This would REALLY help! : )

  23. I’d like to find lower calorie and healthier foods that my whole family can enjoy but I also need the recipes to be on the simpler side.

  24. I struggle with eating too many baked goods and not enough fruits and vegetables. I have a house full of teen agers and young adults ( 5) and would appreciate tips on how to manage our diet towards more fresh foods.

  25. I am making small moves to eat cleaner. I am enjoying so much the little changes, knowing that I am making the right move to cut out whatever processed foods I can.

  26. I would like to get away from processed food, I don’t buy to many but that it something my teenagers always grab because it is quick and easy for them.

  27. Our family struggles with the concept that every meal doesn’t need to be based on a large portion of meat. I’d personally like to become more proficient at cooking veggie meals and using seasonal crops.

  28. I wuld also like to go more organic and grow it myself. I also would like to learn to get off of sugar. I have such a sweet tooth!!

  29. I want to improve my eating habits by reducing my refined sugar and flour intake, and finding better sources of organic produce during the winter. I would love to win this book!

  30. Denise C. says:

    I am a runner, wife and mom. I am always trying to eat better, when I eat better my family eats better. We’re slowly moving away from processed foods, it’s a slow journey. I’d like to make the journey a little faster, so we can all eat better.

  31. I would love to get back into our healthier meal planning of eating less (or no) red meats, drink a lot more water, and I definitely want to include as much organic produce as possible. I felt much more energized and healthy when we ate this way, but we fell back into old habits….Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. Eat more fruits and veggies.

  33. Using less white sugar and flour and buying more organic foods.

  34. Beth Watler says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book. My husband has been out of work, and even at this low price it can’t be on my list for a while. I have just gone vegan, & am trying to eat raw during the day, but there are a few things I haven’t figured out-like what to have for breakfast. Still,after reading some of the comments, I see there are others out there that are more deserving than I. So I nominate Brooke, & Michelle, & Northernlass….And thank you for sharing…..

  35. I would like to bump up the protein and veggies in my diet and lower the sugar and carbs!!!

  36. Oh, I would love to win! I could use some manageable steps to healthier living, it seems that I have been slipping away from healthy eating lately.

  37. I want to be back to where we were getting two years ago! I did really well back then reading the Sonoma Diet, and adjusting to eating way more veggies, replacing all gains with whole grains, eating leaner proteins, and eating portions that the book suggested (for example, more protein in the morning, least at night). Combined with exercise 3x/wk, I lost 25 lbs and was in better shape than before I had kids. It was great! And for the most part, the kids ate most of the meals as designed with little modification for them.

    However, we’ve slipped in a lot of those key areas. I need to re-purge the pantry, and find a way to make it a more regular habit to stop at our local farmer’s market (Sprouts) and pick up the fresh stuff several times a week. I find that I’m not using things quickly enough and they go bad. Better menu planning for sure! And my hubby loved grilling this summer, but we ate a lot of fatty meats like pork ribs, etc. Need to get back on the leaner meats!

    I look forward to reading what Crystal Collins has to say about healthy eating and family life!

  38. I started eating oatmeal last night because I was hungry but didn’t want to eat something so heavy. Had some for breakfast, but would love to read more about how oatmeal can help me loose these 25 lbs I have gained in the last year. Thank you!

  39. I want to make more healthy on-the-go snacks for me and my kids because that 4pm hour is brutal for everyone without a little nourishment of some type!

  40. We have already made big changes in mu family when it comes to eating healthier. I still am trying to work on removing sodas from my diet. This book sounds fantastic.

  41. We are trying to get more greens in our diet (green smoothies!) and eat less sugar. Thanks for entering me! 🙂

  42. I’m really trying to purge processed foods from our diet. It’s a hard habit to break but slowly I AM making progress. 🙂

  43. I would like to not eat so much processed food, and have the energy to cook more. And eat more fruits and vegetables and actually enjoy eating them.

  44. I would like to get more vegetables into our diet, especially more variety. I feel like we’re in a complete rut of eating the same half dozen veggies.

  45. I would love to avoid sweets, or at least find a healthy alternative!

  46. I want to include more fruits and vegetables in my family’s diet.

  47. Colleen M. says:

    I would like to remove processed food and make more items from scratch.

  48. I would like to make more things from scratch and get better about using up things in my fridge and pantry before buying more.

  49. We have been doing everything we can to make our home healthier from removing most processed foods to changing our approach to sugar.

  50. I would like to reduce the amount of processed foods that my family eats.

  51. My eating habits could improve by having more fruit around. It is delicious so I don’t have to convince myself that I want to eat it. Plus the kids will eat more of it, too.

  52. I would like to find easy to make, very simple food for my family that my boys will eat. They are very picky and only eat foods with 1-2 ingredients.

  53. I’m trying to eat more fresh fruits and veggies.

  54. I need to each more fruits and veggies.

  55. I would like to eat more fruits, veggies and whole foods in general, and drink more water.

  56. The hubs and I eat really healthy meals, just our snacking is unhealthy! We have been just trying to watch what we eat while we snack, and eating lots of smaller meals throughout the day too

  57. I am always looking for ways to get back to healthier living. My kids want sweet snacks and it’s hard to find a way to keep them healthy.

  58. I would like to continue our switch to organic and non-processed foods. Just need to quit buying the convenience foods and find time to do more freezer cooking.

  59. Alisa Voss says:

    Get rid of all the processed foods! I’m having such a hard time doing this especially with kids and all the “good stuff” they see in the stores. I truly need an outline on incorporating all the “great stuff” into our pantry and home so it will be a seamless transition =).

  60. I would like to cut out the packaged processed foods in our diet and drink more water.

  61. I’m trying to learn how to eat healthier and exercise and maximize my health AND teach my children that so it becomes automatic for them.

  62. I want to start eating breakfast {I know — bad me 😉 }.

  63. My husband and I both would like to change our eating habits to be healthier. I have been trying to convince him to change for a while, and he finally agrees!

  64. My oldest son turns 3 Oct 28th and was recently diagnosed with Autism. My almost 9 month old son is now at risk as well. We are trying to slowly change our diet to help him and also help me since I have been emotional eating and gained back the weight I had lost.

  65. We’ve cut way back on processed and packaged stuff, but replacing sugar with natural stuff can get expensive, so I often reduce the sugar and replace some with honey. I’d like to further reduce my use of sugar in baking/cooking. I’d also like to increase our variety of vegetables, fruits, and beans. I find myself using the same things over and over again because 1) they are more often on sale or cheap and 2) they are familiar. Hubby, toddler, and I would all benefit from more variety.

  66. I NEED to drink more water!!!!!

  67. I need to snack less!

  68. Marilyn K says:

    I’m working on it…I actually would like to double some of my meals when making them and freeze so that those few days that I am not able to spend the time to cook or the days I have a massive headache or something, I don’t call my husband and beg for him to bring a pizza home!

  69. I’m doing far better than I was a year ago, but I’m in a healthy eating slump. I need something to excite me again. Sourdough? Sprouting? Something….

  70. I’m working on reducing the processed foods in our diet. My personal biggest challenge is Diet Coke. 🙁

  71. I want to expand my gardening to fall crops!

  72. i want to learn about grinding and soaking grains this winter.

  73. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book. I would love to cut down on processed foods and drink more water everyday and not so much soda.

  74. This book would be such a blessing as we try to simplify our diet and more to eating more whole foods. The “where to start” has been the toughest thing for me.

  75. I want to improve our eating habits by providing options for snacks and lunches that appeal to my husband and children, and are good for them. Dinner has improved, but snacks and lunches struggle.

  76. We’ve been slowly improving our diet. Since my husband and I got married 9 years ago, I’ve convinced him to eat vegetables! And we’ve been a part of a CSA for the past two summers which has exposed us to some favorite veggies, and some…um…interesting ones. P.S. I love your bread machine recipes! We now make almost everything from scratch. THANKS!

  77. I would love to eliminate all processed foods and significantly reduce the amount of animal products we rely on. We do well for a week or two, but then we revert to our old ways of take out and cheap/easy stuff that isn’t really good for us. I’m always looking for new inspiration.

  78. After losing 85 pounds, I’ve been on a 10 month plateau :(, and I know the key is more improvements in my diet (and adding more resistance training to my workouts). I recently bought quinoa, so interested in adding that to my diet, and gradually meeting newer, more nutritious whole foods. Also learning more ways to prepare fish.

  79. I need to watch my portions. I run 5 days a week and I use that as an excuse to eat more. Overall, we eat really healthy. I don’t always drink enough water.

  80. Just into almost 5 months post pregnancy and feel like I am never going to lose this weight. would love to eat healthier to at least feel better. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  81. I want to eat more salad. It’s hard to just eat salad and dressing so I want to find delicious and easy recipes I can use.

  82. I need to cut out the junk food and convenience foods….eat more from scratch.

  83. I would like to get rid of processed foods in my family’s diet.

  84. I would like to find more ways to incorporate fruits and veggies in our diet.

  85. Elizabeth E. says:

    I would like to incorporate more water into my diet each day. I’ve weaned myself off of soda, but cannot seem to get past the coffee and tea each day. It would be nice to cut out caffeine altogether.