Caesar Salad: A Fine Thing

When we got married, restaurants were at the height of the caesar salad craze. Now, I know that caesar salad never truly goes out of style. But, in the early 90s every restaurant had one. Every. restaurant.And it’s a good thing, too, ’cause we love it.There are many caesar salads filed away in my memory bank. The caesar that we order almost every time we go to CPK. The chicken caesar salad from Taffy’s Pizza that we usually got after church back in our Santa Barbara days. The salad I usually ate when I finished waiting tables at Brigitte’s. The unbelievable version that Palazzio still makes. And the delicious, hand-crafted-at-your-table version that we enjoyed the first days of our honeymoon when we forgot our travel money at home and spent two days on $40.

1994, San Luis Obispo, the first leg of our honeymoon

Shall I go on?

We’ve got lots of memories wrapped around a recipe that was created spur-of-the-moment in Tijuana almost 100 years ago. And sweet memories make it a great addition to any romantic meal. And that, in itself, is a fine thing.

Thankfully, early in our marriage we found some inexpensive alternatives to restaurant caesar salad, delicious though it may be. When I can get a good sale and coupon, I might buy Paul Newman’s or Caesar Cardini’s bottled varieties. But, the best dressing is this one. It has just a handfull of ingredients and a wonderful flavor.

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